Tuesday May 12th - Tonight at 8pm (UK time)!!...Dougie MacLean - LIVE 27 (Wee Concert Stream from Butterstone, Scotland)

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Wild poppies have appeared by the Buckney Burn!! As we head into the middle of week eight of our self isolation in the Old School and Schoolhouse, Dougie and I (and our family back-up team in their various homes) are still determined that as long as we possibly can we will keep bringing the wee concerts to you LIVE every second day/night…with no song repeated (apart from the occasional Caledonia…and we hope you’ve all enjoyed the video we shared of that yesterday?)!!! The messages and comments we have been receiving from viewers of all ages from all over the world continue to be truly appreciated and make us realise how important the music is to you all for so many different reasons!! So come and join us live for some songs, stories and (hopefully!) tunes for 30 minutes….or you can watch it later if you prefer. Please spread the word to friends and family if you think they would enjoy the music... and keep looking after yourselves and each other! 

Cheers, Jenny

If you have any issues viewing the show tonight on Facebook you could try watching live on Youtube or Vimeo instead. We will post the direct links just before the show starts on Dougie’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Dougie-MacLean-158324834220405/

For anyone who has missed previous concerts…you can find them all:
on Dougie’s FaceBook
And on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3sIcompAdit14OreOu__A
And on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/butterstone
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