Cardney Concert Ticket News...24th November 2020

Way back in May, when we needed to postpone the Cardney Concerts (for a second time due to Covid 19), we believed that re-scheduling to March 2021 was a really safe way to proceed. We said then that tickets would be on sale from November 24th 2020. Little did we know then what a year it would be!…

The March 2021 dates for the Cardney Concerts are looking unlikely because of advice we have received relating to the organisation of concerts and festivals before the summer of 2021. Therefore tickets will not be on sale for those dates.

We can’t say at present what the Cardney Concert dates will be in 2021…or when tickets will go on sale. When it has been decided that is is safe to organise inside concerts for audiences of 200+ at Cardney we will reschedule and announce on Dougie’s website, Facebook and via the Dougie MacLean newsletter when tickets will go on sale.

We hope that everyone reading this stays safe and well … and that we see you all at some time during 2021.

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