Saturday Spring Special March 18th 2023 - Tonight at 9pm (UK time)!!...Dougie MacLean - LIVE 175 (One Hour Special Concert Stream from Butterstone, Scotland) GET TICKETS NOW!!

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Can’t believe we’ve reached 175 concerts!! … so we can carry on celebrating and looking forward to reaching Live 200! Our totally and undeniably ‘live’ regular concerts from the Old Schoolhouse (and occasionally the west cost of the Island of Lewis) have been going since March 21st 2020…. since then we have shared at 3 free 30 minute concerts and one 60-minute ticketed concert per month. This longer, Special Concert a way for those who enjoy Dougie’s music to say thanks (and helps to make possible the free concerts for all!..especially at a time when there’s a cost of living crisis in many parts of the world). We’ve got a wonderful list of requested songs, Dougie’s inimitable storytelling plus two wonderful new films and maybe a set of tunes. With all this in store make sure you buy your ticket from

Spread the word to friends and family as well about Live 175. The global family is still growing and we’ve had reports of folk watching the concerts in so many situations …sometimes outside on phones, ipads and laptops.. in gardens, pubs or campsites and even while out on a walk!! …many more in the comfort of their home on a big or small screen. We’re always interested in where you’re viewing and what country you’re in …so please let us know.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever time of day it is …you can tune in at 9pm (UK time) … or your can view it later if you prefer. Our Spring Special 2023 will be available to view on demand for ticket holders until Friday 24th March at midnight (UK time….…so you need to get your ticket and start viewing by 10.30pm UK time)!!

This concert will only be able to be viewed once you have purchased a ticket (£12 per ticket…approx $US16…which can be viewed by a full household!). Instructions are on the homepage. If you have already purchased a ticket make sure you have located your confirmation email with the link and passcode all ready. You can ask questions or get help only by emailingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. up til 8.00pm on the night (UK time). After that I will be busy with preparing and running the concert!
Remember you can leave comments in the CHAT on the live concert portal or under the Live 171 Facebook post (which we will add at about 8.50pm). Tickets are on sale now and are available only from

Keep looking after yourselves and each other and keep cheery!
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