Till Tomorrow

Music and Lyrics by Dougie MacLean
Published by Limetree Arts and Music (MCPS and PRS UK)

Lift up your glass to tomorrow
Say your own sad farewells for today
But how can parting be such a sweet sorrow
When you can't find the right words to say
Oh I can see I will have to be moving
I've been standing out here for too long
But I know all the friends I'll be losing
Oh I will see them again further on

There's a time when crying comes easy
When there's more to be lost than be won
And I know that tomorrow might see me
On the other side of the sun
Well I've been looking in every direction
For the places that I used to know
But on making a closer inspection
I noticed I didn't know which way to go

So we'll finish our glasses together
Then we know we can no longer hide
And the silence will linger forever
Well it is there and it helps you decide
But it's not as it seemed in the stories
That you made when you wanted to dream
So you pick up your pieces before you find out
That you might have been left in between