Homeland (Duthaich mo Chridhe)

Music and Lyrics by Dougie MacLean
Published by Limetree Arts and Music (MCPS and PRS UK)

You're a stranger to these hills
And you've come uphere to end your days
You love our running rivers
And you love our quaint little Highland ways
You sold your house in the city
You put it on the market and you did so good
Now you've bought a little piece of something
That you don't understand and you've misunderstood

But I'll tell you about the land that you play on
What you've gained is our ultimate loss
I'll tell you about the soil you decay on
I'll hold it up to you like the Fiery Cross

You love the view from your window
And you'd go out more but it always rains
You don't think much of the music
Or the tears in the old man's sad refrains
You've bought yourself miles of tartan
And you wear it round your middle and you wear it on your head
You stand there a proud believer
In a vision of the truth that's long gone dead


Once these glens were full of people
And the songs and stories of their fathers of old
And there was peace and plenty
And a horn of whisky when the weather grew cold
Then along came the great improvers
And they cleaned it up like only imperials could
They lined them up for transportation
To the land of the brave and the free and the good


Look to the south I tell you that the black man has it cruel and hard
But you don't have to look any further that the rumble
of stones in our own backyard
And Oh sad the day and all that's left are a fading few
Yes Sir you may have paid good money for it but no it'll
never belong to you