November 2017 - News from Butterstone

Before anything else…take a minute and book now for Dougie’s special concert on Wednesday 24th January in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall during Celtic Connections 2018! Tickets are selling fast and we have a feeling it’s going to be a very special night. Here's a link for buying tickets 

We’ve had a truly great run of concerts over the last few months…from 4 sold out concerts in the north east USA to sell-outs at the the Cornwall Festival in Wadebridge and the Banbury Festival in Oxfordshire, England. Then came our great concerts in Scotland from Findhorn and Strathpeffer in the north to New Galloway in the borders via Falkirk, Greenock, Paisley, Milngavie and ending in Cairndow, Loch Fyne! All fantastic audiences and really moving experiences.

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Confirmed concerts for 2018 are coming in steadily now…so keep an eye on the concert list on Dougie’s website and, to avoid disappointment, book early!!

We’ve had some great broadcasts since our last summer newsletter!…from 3 different 'locations' at Butterstone! and wonderful responses to the latest October Live Broadcast which is of course now available for subscribers to view 'on demand' at Dougie was in great form! Our global audience included viewers from South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, France, Denmark, Norway and many other European countries and all parts of North America! well as all parts of the UK!

Here's a photo...
Nov streamw

And here's the set-list...
1. Distant Son
2. Dolina
3. The Place
4. Shadow of the Mountain
5. Little Ones Must Walk On
6. Hide in the Wind
7. Talking with My Father
8. Turning Away

And here are just a few of the dozens of October comments…
Lovely broadcast tonight, great song selection and voice and guitar work!. Thoroughly enjoyable – and very moving" (Ian and Leena, Finland)

Choice of songs amazingly spot on. Touched the hearts of many and something for everyone.
Loved this show…outstanding! (Joan, Ontario CANADA)

Enjoying the show from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Great choices and fantastic sound quality!
(Pete, England)

Loud and clear on the mobile phone in our motor home. It's a Wild and Windy night on this Yorkshire hilltop. (Trevor and June, ENGLAND)

The camera work is so well done! Love the pan of the whole room to see the other instruments, and the close up of His self! Brilliant!
Jim, Kentucky USA

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Don’t forget our Butterstone online store! It’s a really good idea to order really early any items you may want for Christmas or the New Year (especially Caledonia T-Towels, magnets and key-rings which many have discovered are easy and cheap to post to friends and relations!!).
For Dougie CDs, DVDs, songbooks, my art prints and cards or the ever popular 'Caledonia' CD package!…remember our shop is the only way (apart from queueing up at concerts of getting them signed….but please give us plenty of time to organise your orders at this time of year. Here's a link to make it easier for

Enjoy the rest of the month wherever you are in the world!

Warm Regards,