The Cardney Concerts 2020 ...with Latest Shuttle Bus and Catering news!!

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We hope you’ll join us for a new adventure this coming Spring. Years ago we began Easter concerts in Clunie Village Hall and in March 2019 we had two great sold-out Clunie Concerts again. Now we are moving to a very special new venue …Cardney Steading on the Carney Estate (between Dunkeld and Butterstone). The steading is beautifully restored stone and brilliantly adapted as a venue. Set in a stunning landscape with amazing views and wildlife it will we are sure become one of our very special venues. 

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The Cardney Concerts 2020 - Catering and Shuttle Bus News!!


Here's a summary of The Cardney Concert and Shuttle Bus Plans.

1. For those interested only there will be 'soup and pies' available at Cardney Steading from 6.15pm ... you pay for them at the bar there but it would be great if you could email Katriona in advance with how many folk want 'soup and a pie'!  Here's her email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

2. - We will have a shuttle bus leaving early for those wanting to take in the lovely views and have a wander...and 'soup and a pie'! Then there will be another bus leaving to get there in time for when doors open. 
   - There will be a shuttle bus leaving straight after the concert finishes and another bus leaving 45m minutes later for those wanting a drink at the bar after the concert.

3. The shuttle bus leaves from the North Car Park in Dunkeld (Atholl St, Dunkeld PH8 0AR...big car park just past The Royal Dunkeld Hotel). Be there 5 minutes before departure time please...with your ticket! Your name will be on a list with the driver.

Here is the timetable for each night.

First shuttle leaves Dunkeld: 6.00pm
Bar Open & Soup and a Pie: 6.15pm 

Second Shuttle leaves Dunkeld: 7.00pm
Doors open: 7.30pm

Concert Starts: 8.00pm-8.50pm..First Set 
Interval: 8.50pm-9.20pm
Concert Ends: 9.20pm - 10.20pm... Second Set
First Shuttle leaves Cardney: 10.30pm
Second Shuttle leaves: 11.15pm

 You must buy a return ticket for any shuttle bus in advance by phone from me (Jenny). Tickets will be posted to you in advance so please book early. 
Tel: 01350 724261 (between 11am-6pm...UK time). £12 each for a return ticket (plus £1 per order for UK post or £2 for International post). Before phoning please decide what time shuttle bus you want before and after the concert. It will not be all shuttle bus seats are likely to be full.

Other info. about The Cardney Concerts

At Cardney Steading there will be a licensed bar with tea, coffee and non alcoholic dinks available as well as the usual beers, wines and spirits….including The Gael gin and Caledonia whisky! 

Address: Cardney Estate, Butterstone, Dunkeld, Perthshire, PH8 0EY 

The two concerts will be on Friday 20th March and Saturday 21st March 2020 and tickets will be on sale online and by phone now. Please only telephone 01350 724261 if you honestly CANNOT book online.  Click here for Online Concert Ticket Link

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