Saturday Special July 16th - Tonight at 9pm (UK time)!!...Dougie MacLean - LIVE 144 (One Hour Special Concert Stream from Butterstone, Scotland) GET TICKETS NOW!!

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On this very sunny summer day Dougie and I look forward to welcoming you all to our Old Schoolhouse (our Butterstone Global Streaming Theatre!!) for another Special Ticketed One Hour Concert! Buying a ticket is a way for all those who enjoy the free weekly Dougie concerts to say thanks! Again we’ve got a wonderful list of requested songs (classics old and new!), Dougie’s inimitable storytelling plus two wonderful new films and some music on the fiddle. With all this in store make sure you buy your ticket from

Spread the word to friends and family about Live 144. The global family is still growing and we’ve had reports of folk watching the concerts in so many situations …sometimes outside on phones, ipads and laptops.. in gardens, pubs or campsites and even while out on a walk!! …many more in the comfort of their home on a big or small screen. We’re always interested in where you’re viewing and what country you’re in …so please let us know.

This concert will only be able to be viewed once you have purchased a ticket (£12 per ticket…less than $US15…which can be viewed by a full household!). Instructions are on the homepage. If you have already purchased a ticket make sure you have located your confirmation email with the link and passcode all ready. You can ask questions or get help only by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. But please remember that after 8pm (UK time) I will also be busy with preparing and running the concert!

Remember you can leave comments in the new CHAT on the live concert portal or under the Live 144 Facebook post (which we will add at 8.50pm).
Ticket holders can also watch Live 144 ‘on demand’ until Friday 22nd July…and if you have missed the live concert you can purchase tickets until then.

Keep looking after yourselves and each other and keep cheery!

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For anyone who has missed some or all of previous ‘free of charge’ concerts…you can find them:
on Dougie’s FaceBook
And on YouTube
And on Vimeo

Enjoy the oft neglected beautifully coloured spreading geranium that adds so much to our garden at this time of year!