Shadow of the Mountain

Music and Lyrics by Dougie MacLean
Published by Limetree Arts and Music (MCPS & PRS UK)

A new day and everything’s changed
All my plans and the things I had arranged
The smell of danger in the cold night air
Something’s happening you can feel it everywhere

We’re in the shadow of the mountain don’t you know
The shadow of the mountain everywhere we go
We’re in the shadow of the mountain yes that’s true
The shadow of the mountain and there’s nothing we can do

The old man says she’ll go real soon
You can tell by the colour of the moon
It was the same back in sixty five
But I’m still standing I’m glad to be alive

Came in from Dutch Harbour now I’m free
Ten weeks fishing on the Bering Sea
I feel good yes I feel alright
And no mountain’s going to stop me getting drunk tonight

It’s been the same since the day that we arrived
So many dangers it’s amazing we’ve survived
But you’ve got to keep laughing got to take a chance
And keep on singing on this journey that we dance