The Recordings

Dougie MacLean's recording career spans almost 40 years from his very early recordings with the Tannahill Weavers, Alex Campbell and Alan Roberts to the many recordings on his own Dunkeld Records label which began in 1983 with the album "Craigie Dhu".

Dunkeld Records

The label has been described as "Scotland's New Heritage Music featuring the songs and instrumental music of Scotland's finest singer songwriter and composer Dougie MacLean".
Here is the list of the Dougie MacLean releases on the Dunkeld Records label.

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Craigie Dhu (1983)

craigie dhuTRACKS:
  1. Gin I Were A Baron's Heir
  2. Ready For The Storm
  3. It was a' for Our Rightfu' King
  4. High Flying Seagull
  5. Edmonton Airbus / Craigie Dhu
  6. Bonnie Bessie Logan
  7. Seannair's Song
  8. It Fascinates Me
  9. Tullochgorum
  10. Caledonia

Stunning best-selling album of Scottish traditional and self penned songs and fiddle tunes. The first recording on Dougie's own label, it exudes the warmth and intimacy we've come to expect from Dougie MacLean.

Fiddle (1984)

  1. The Osprey
  2. Bob MacIntosh / Atholl Arms / Ku-ring-gai Chase
  3. Farewell To Craigie Dhu
  4. The Tattie Ball / When Are You Coming Over?
  5. Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow
  6. Roy Ashby's / Buckney Burn
  7. One Summer's Morning
  8. The Ferry
  9. Spoutwell's / Riechip / Leduckie
  10. The Centre

Instrumental album of original compositions featuring Scottish fiddle, guitar, didgeridoo, bass mandola and keyboards. "Entirely made up of fiddle tunes both sprightly and moody, this is a delightful album by a resourceful, imaginative and often brilliant musician" (Scotsman).

Singing Land (1986)

singing landTRACKS:
  1. Singing Land
  2. Bonnie Woods o' Hatton
  3. Desperate Man
  4. The Other Side
  5. This Love Will Carry
  6. Tumbling Down
  7. Kelphope Glen
  8. Guillotine's Release
  9. Another Story
  10. Goodnight and Joy

Perfect fusion of words, melody, accompaniment and vocal style in this album which is largely original songs with arrangements of three traditional songs. Title track and Tumbling Down inspired by Australian Aborigines and their land.

Real Estate (1988)

real estateTRACKS:
  1. Solid Ground
  2. Restless Fool
  3. Buffalo Jump
  4. Garden Valley
  5. The Emigrant
  6. Green Grow The Rashes
  7. Homeland
  8. The Mhairi Bhan
  9. Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?
  10. She Loves Me (When I Try)

This is a classic collection of MacLean's songs, both fiery and gentle, along with his interpretations of songs by Robert Burns and Robert Tannahill. "MacLean shows the kind of form that has reviewers, including this one, drooling compliments on every hearing" (Alasdair Clark, The Scotsman).

Whitewash (1990)

  1. Trail Of The Survivor
  2. Gloomy Winter
  3. No No No
  4. Rescue Me
  5. Dolina
  6. Family Of The Mountains
  7. Shame
  8. Mo Nighean Donn
  9. Until We Meet Again
  10. Little Ones Walk On

"The most intriguing set of protest songs you are likely to hear in a long time...protest wrapped in warmth and beauty...faultless performance...MacLean is absorbed in his message and confident in its strength" (Scotsman).

The Search (1990)

the searchTRACKS:
  1. The Search
  2. The Abyssal Plain
  3. The Thermocline
  4. The Origin
  5. The Sixties Vigil
  6. The Gael
  7. The Underwater Vigil
  8. Loch Ness

This is an album based on the age-old belief in a search for the Loch Ness Monster. Includes the tune "The Gael" later substantially used in the 20th Century Fox movie The Last of the Mohicans. Strong yet subtle, hauntingly evocative yet contemporary in feel, this music demands listening to over and over again (Time Out).

Indigenous (1991)

  1. Rite Of Passage
  2. Rank And Roses
  3. War
  4. Slave's Lament
  5. Turning Away
  6. Let Her Go
  7. This Line Has Broken
  8. Ae Fond Kiss
  9. Thundering In
  10. Eternity

Indigenous has been described as a brilliant album - "I don't think he has ever before sung so confidently and persuasively...the songs are attractive and intriguing...honed to the kind of point that pierces the soul" (Scotsman). POWERFULL... Poignant... RAW AND CLEAR!

Sunset Song (1993)

sunset songTRACKS:
  1. Sunset Song
  2. The Burning Of Peesie's Knapp
  3. The Kinraddie Scythe
  4. Cloud Howe
  5. Cirrus / The Eviction
  6. The Bridge Incident
  7. The Kaimes
  8. Grey Granite
  9. Distress

Haunting, evocative instrumental music inspired by Lewis Grassic Gibbon's classic Scottish trilogy A Scots Quair. "MacLean deftly underscores the trilogy's melancholy, lyricism, joy and foreboding, taking the listener on a journey not soon forgotten" (The Washington Post).

Marching Mystery (1994)

marching mysteryTRACKS:
  1. Deepest Part Of Me
  2. Marching Mystery
  3. It Belongs To Us
  4. All Together
  5. Holding Back
  6. Hearts Can Never Hide
  7. Broken Wings
  8. The Land
  9. When The People Speak
  10. Expectation

A classic album of MacLean songs, from exciting multi-instrumental arrangements to simple voice and guitar. Title track inspired by the Lewis chess men.

Tribute (1995)

  1. Ca' The Yowes
  2. Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie?
  3. Scots Wha' hae
  4. Neil Gow's Lament
  5. Slave's Lament
  6. Ye Banks And Braes
  7. For a' That
  8. Gloomy Winter
  9. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
  10. Auld Lang Syne Farewell To Whisky

MacLean's unique and sensitive cover version of 200 year old songs and tunes written by Robert Burns, Robert Tannahill and Niel Gow.

Riof (1997)

  1. Stepping Stones
  2. Stolen
  3. Scythe Song
  4. Feel So Near
  5. Gneiss Wind
  6. 'S fhada leam an Oidche Ghemhraidh
  7. She Will Find Me
  8. Big River
  9. Fragments From "A Mug's Game"
  10. Distant Son

The album Riof was recorded by Dougie MacLean and Graeme Hughes from 1995 - 1997, and mixed during the summer of 1997 at Dunkeld Records Studio, Scotland. "Feel So Near" was recorded live in Murthly Castle. This is truly an album that MacLean fans, new and old alike, will want to add to their collections!

Perthshire Amber (1999)

perthshire amberTRACKS:
  1. First Movement- Perthshire Amber
  2. Second Movement- Crannog / Castle Menzies
  3. Third Movement- The Fair City
  4. Fourth Movement- Rannoch / The Butterstone Puddock / Castle Menzies / The Things We Love / Perthshire Amber
  5. Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow (additional track)
  6. The Search (additional track)
  7. The Kaimes (additional track)

Composed by Dougie MacLean and arranged for strings by Kevin McCrae. Featuring Pete Clark, Graham Mulholland, Jamie MacLean, John Moran and the BT Scottish Ensemble. "An irresistible tapestry of tunes, rhythms, instrumental and orchestral colours, harmonies and textures" (The Herald).

Live From Two Ends Of This Earth (2000)

  1. She Will Find Me
  2. Scythe Song
  3. Rescue Me
  4. Rite Of Passage
  5. All Together
  6. Green Grow The Rashes
  7. Ready For The Storm
  8. Feel So Near
  9. Talking With My Father
  10. Singing Land
  11. Caledonia
  12. This Love Will Carry

Long awaited live album includes previously unreleased track Talking With My Father. This album was a recording of concerts two years and half a world apart. The first six songs were taken from a solo concert in the Main Auditorium of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall during the Celtic Connections Festival in January 1998. The other songs were recorded during Port Fairy Folk Festival in Australia in March 2000.

Who Am I (2001)

who am iTRACKS:
  1. Not Lie Down
  2. We'll Be Together Again
  3. The Boatbuilders
  4. Talking With My Father
  5. Charlotte
  6. Pabay Mor
  7. Mary Queen Of Scots
  8. Who Am I
  9. Hide In The Wind
  10. Nothing To Do With It

Wonderful and very personal album of songs... beautifully varied in mood and arrangement.

Early (2003)

  1. Lover You Don't Have To Cry
  2. Till Tomorrow
  3. Just A Little Thunder
  4. More Fool I
  5. Over My Mountain
  6. Down Too Deep
  7. Rolling Home
  8. Sad Dreams
  9. Sailing To Australia
  10. Silver And Gold

Little heard gems from the young songwriter simply and beautifully re-recorded with just voice and guitar.

Dougie MacLean With Strings (2003)

with stringsTRACKS:
  1. Broken Wings
  2. Holding Back
  3. Not Lie Down
  4. Mary Queen Of Scots
  5. Turning Away
  6. Ready For The Storm
  7. Stepping Stones
  8. War
  9. Another Story

Favourite songs with luscious string arrangements by Kevin MacRae performed by Dougie with the Perthshire Ensemble.

Inside The Thunder (2005)

inside the thunderTRACKS:
  1. Not Look Down
  2. Song For Johnny
  3. Home
  4. Seventh Sea
  5. Strathmore
  6. Eternally You
  7. Open Fields
  8. It's Not For Me
  9. Into The Flames
  10. Beside You

"Ten more wonderful songs from Dougie, backed by a host of friends. Songs of delight in the countryside, of love for small things, of despair, of shouting against injustice, and of struggling on anyway.

One of Scotland's most gifted and successful contemporary singer-songwriters, Dougie's innovative work is a modern interpretation of traditional music, with its fundamental values remaining rooted in Scottish culture.

Another must-have for all his fans" (

The Essential Dougie MacLean (2007)

the essential dougie macleanTRACKS:
Disc One
  1. Ready For The Storm
  2. Not Look Down
  3. She Will Find Me
  4. Broken Wings
  5. Garden Valley
  6. Turning Away
  7. The Gael
  8. Gloomy Winter
  9. We'll Be Together Again
  10. Scythe Song
  11. Trail Of The Survivor
  12. Solid Ground
  13. Edmonton Airbus/Craigie Dhu
Disc Two
  1. Marching Mystery
  2. Ca' The Yowes
  3. Singing Land
  4. Rite Of Passage
  5. Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow
  6. Not Lie Down
  7. Caledonia
  8. Another Time
  9. Holding Back
  10. Home
  11. Till Tomorrow
  12. The Fair City
  13. This Love Will Carry

Containing old favourites, new favourites and one previously unrecorded track it's a bumper double album with two whole hours of great music. Perfect as a gift for a friend to introduce them to Dougie's music, or as a special treat for yourself.

Muir Of Gormack (2007)

muir of gormackTRACKS:
  1. The Place
  2. The Burial
  3. Love Song
  4. The Wolf
  5. The Battle

A 'limited edition' EP length CD of the beautiful Dougie composition "Muir of Gormack" commissioned by Celtic Connections 2005 where it was first performed in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The recording of this small collection of songs with truly atmospheric instrumental backing by Dougie and Jamie MacLean has resulted in a real listening gem!

Resolution (2010)

  1. Resolution
  2. Some Hearts
  3. Loving One
  4. Over Us All
  5. The Gift (Fly Away)
  6. Then We Cried
  7. Another Time
  8. Weather Eye
  9. Disgraceful
  10. All Who Wander

"If you only buy one Dougie MacLean CD, make it this one. A beautiful, mature collection of songs. The lyrics are reflective, observant and at times sorrowful, but not melancholy. The over all production is faultless. In my opinion, this is his best CD to date, and gets 5 stars from me" (Customer Review -

Dougie MacLean Essential Too (2013)

dougie maclean essential tooTRACKS:
Disk One
  1. Talking with my Father
  2. Pabay Mor
  3. The Gael Northwest
  4. She Loves Me (When I Try)
  5. Restless Fool
  6. Loving One
  7. The Search
  8. Buffalo Jump
  9. Who Am I
  10. Resolution
  11. Caledonia
  12. Into the Flames
  13. Perthshire Amber
Disc Two
  1. High Flying Seagull
  2. The Burning of Peesie's Knapp
  3. Little Ones Walk On
  4. Feel So Near
  5. It Belongs to Us
  6. Hide in the Wind
  7. Some Hearts
  8. The Osprey
  9. Rescue Me
  10. Eternity
  11. Tumbling Down
  12. All Together
  13. Until We Meet Again

The perfect partner to "The Essential Dougie MacLean"! A few years after the release of the first double disc compilation we responded to requests for another…and included other favourite tracks from all Dougie's releases…plus a previously unreleased version of "Caledonia" and "the Gael". "A superb second double-disc compilation album from Dougie MacLean, one of Scotland's most successful, respected and popular musicians" (

Caledonia Cantata (2016)

TRACKS:caledonia cantataw
  1. The Place
  2. The Burial
  3. Broken Wings
  4. Child Of This Place
  5. Pinnita Castra
  6. Turning Away
  7. Ready For The Storm
  8. Lunan Braes
  9. All Together
  10. Youthful Innocence
  11. Caledonia
  12. Only Love

A special synthesis of the wealth of Dougie’s songs and instrumental music recorded live at Perth Concert Hall, Scotland, during the 2015 Perthshire Amber Festival. This very special performance brings together favourite Dougie MacLean (acoustic guitar, vocals) with some of Scotland’s finest musicians including Jenna Reid (fiddle), Ross Ainslie (whistles, cittern), Sorren Maclean (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Iain Sandilands (percussion) as well as the wonderful strings of the Perthshire Ensemble. During his 40 years as a musician, audiences have been thrilled by performances of his now classic songs as well as his Perthshire Amber Suite, the Muir of GormackThe Search and in 2014 the Perthshire Cantata. His "Caledonia Cantata" beautifully fuses together the best of all this previous work with some wonderful new songs.

New Tomorrow (2017)

TRACKS:New Tomorrow coverw
  1. New Tomorrow
  2. Garden Wall
  3. Shadow of the Mountain
  4. Demetrius
  5. Thunderbolt
  6. Wild and Windy Night
  7. Never Enough
  8. Wisp of a Whisper
  9. Lost in the Wilderness
  10. Always Waiting Here
An album of new songs including the long awaited Shadow of The Mountain (about a volcanic eruption in Alaska!), the song for his grandsons New Tomorrow and Wild and Windy Night with choruses involving Dougie's audiences both at the Perthshire Amber Festival in Scotland and the Woodford Festival in Queensland, Australia.

A Robert Burns Selection (2018)

TRACKS:DUNCD04 front coverw
  1. Auld Lang Syne
  2. Ca’ The Yowes
  3. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie
  4. Green Grow The Rashes
  5. Heiland Harry
  6. Slave’s Lament
  7. It Was A’ For Our Rightful’ King
  8. Bank And Braes
  9. For 'A That
  10. Ae Fond Kiss
  11. Scots Wha’ Hae
Dougie MacLean wrote "This selection is the bringing together of many years of my love of and fascination with the poetry, songs and story of Robert Burns. With recordings ranging from It Was A’ For Our Rightful’ King recorded in 1983 in Hart Street Studios with Roy Ashby on the desk to a self engineered Green Grow the Rashes in the Old Schoolhouse in 1988, through many years and tracks in our own Butterstone Studios with our good friend Graeme Hughes to the most recent track Heiland Harry recorded and produced by Jamie MacLean".