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A Robert Burns Selection

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"This selection is the bringing together of many years of my love of and fascination with the poetry, songs and story of Robert Burns. With recordings ranging from 1983 in Hart Street Studios with Roy Ashby on the desk to a self engineered "Green Grow the Rashes" in the Old Schoolhouse in 1988, through many years and tracks in our own Butterstone Studios with our good friend Graeme Hughes to the most recent track recorded and produced by Jamie MacLean". Dougie MacLean

Compiled by Jamie MacLean at Butterstone Studios during the winter of 2017/8.
Cover painting "Somewhere Else on the West Coast" by Jennifer MacLean.
Photos by Rob McDougall.
Album artwork by Jamie MacLean.

1. Auld Lang Syne (Tribute 1995)
2. Ca’ The Yowes (Tribute 1995)
3. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie (Tribute 1995)
4. Green Grow The Rashes (Real Estate 1988)
5. Heiland Harry (A Robert Burns Selection 2018)
6. Slave’s Lament (Indigenous 1991)
7. It Was A’ For Our Rightful’ King (Craigie Dhu 1982)
8. Bank And Braes (Tribute 1995)
9. For 'A That (Tribute 1995)
10. Ae Fond Kiss (Indigenous 1991)
11. Scots Wha’ Hae (Tribute 1995)